Business Solutions

Business Solutions or Outsourcing is one of the solutions of SCA wherein with the help of ‘GIG’ platform and freelancers, we have been successfully delivering as per the requirement of clients. We provide many Business solutions and Outsourcing supports to Organizations of any size be it a Overseas Company or Indian Company, Public or Private, Promoter driven or Partnership firms, we have been a pioneer in providing supports as per their requirements.

1. Outsourcing and Resource support:

SCA has extensive experience in offering services for Internal Audit and follow a risk-based approach. This is one of the most prolific areas of GMA.

  • We deliver assignments on “Support model, wherein we assist Corporates/ Consulting firms to deliver multi locations reviews like Stores/ CFA/ Distributors physical verification, Checklist based reviews, Visibility and Branding reviews.
  • Support to Corporates and Consulting firms wherein resources are made available basis requisite requirements and profiles.
  • With the help of our strong association spread across 250+ consulting firms with presence in more than 500+ cities across India. This enables us to arrange resources anywhere & anytime.
  • We have created a database wherein a proper mix of freelancer resources are consolidated which are referred and placed after receipt of enquiry from client.


We just don’t outsource we believe in partnering

2. Virtual CFO:

SCA provides high skill assistance in financial and compliance requirements of an organization.

  • As a measure of outsourcing, SCA as a virtual CFO covers all the necessary arenas by analyzing the company’s statistics. Supports on the basis of analysis for defining and initiating fresh policies for assuring growth.
  • Management of end to end cash flow forecasting, risk management, financial reporting, working capital and compliance monitoring.


Trust us and we will take care of your Financial & Operational risk

  • A growing organization needs a strategic partner to manage the financial aspects and control environment of the business. SCA provides you the option of Virtual CFO wherein depending on your need we provide you CFO support who will be in charge of all critical Financial and Compliance aspects of the business.
  • We provide flexible arrangements depending on the size and requirements which helps our clients to increase/ decrease the involvement of the CFO to be deployed. Our virtual CFO retainer may vary from 2 hours per week to 40 hours per week depending on your requirement and growth strategy.
  • A virtual CFO can help the business in formulating its key goals and also lay down the business plan to ensure that these goals are adhered to on a priority

3. Payroll Management:

With the deep understanding of relevant laws we have been successfully managing client’s payroll from more than 5+ years.

  • SCA provides payroll services, including real time payroll support, pay roll run and mater maintenance for clients, disbursement of salary, ensuring deductions as per laws.
  • Assist in preparation of the monthly payroll basis attendance inputs received from organization. Ensures appropriate deductions and adherence to company guidelines. The same includes statutory and other relevant deductions as required.


We does a quality job and serves the client, these outsourcing relationships become long standing business partnerships.

  • While Payroll is a complex and sensitive process but with a customized and focus approach, we manage it efficiently ensuring no errors & mistakes.
  • SCA manages end to end to Payroll and compliance of our client’s employees so that organization focuses on business strategy and growths. Several checks and balances have been developed basis our past experience and ensure no error & mistakes during payroll processing.
  • Basis productivity and hinder profitability centered around the time and cost associated with administering your own payroll, you can usually find a business case to make the switch for outsourcing payroll.

4. Book Keeping and Accounting:

Whether you are a sole proprietor, firm or a company, we can provide accounting outsourcing services and financial accounting outsourcing services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as per your requirement.With GMAs deep financial expertise, we help our overseas and Indian clients to manage their Book keeping and Accounting.

  • Meaningful, well-organized financial records delivered in time ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.
  • We support organizations to reduce cost and enable them to focus on high end services like Audit and Tax consulting. Assist in aspects like Real time accounting, Payment processing, Various reconciliations and MIS management.
  • Whether you are a sole proprietor, firm or a company, we provide accounting support on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis matching the requirement of our clients.

5. Dashboarding:

We believe data structuring and dashboarding in simple form without telling the data’s life story.

  • Preparation of Business Dashboards viz; Sales, Purchase, Working capital, Accounts payables & receivables, Inventory, Human resources etc.
  • Monthly performance reports, including analysis as per agreed KPIs, Budget vs Actual performance reports.